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How to open Digibank account online within 10 minutes

Digibank is India’s first bank to provide online account opening. This account is Zero balance saving account and offers better services thank other saving bank accounts. You can open a saving account with Digibank sitting from home. The process is simple, and you can do it on your smartphone within 10 minutes. In this article, we will see how to open Digibank account online in detail and step by step guide.

Benefits of Digibank account

  1. Free and Zero balance account – You dont need to keep balance in this saving account to continue the account alive.
  2. Online Process – You can open DBS account online from your phone. No need to go to the bank and stand in a queue.
  3.  Paperless Verification РNo physical document is required to open digibank account online. KYC is verified using your Aadhar card.
  4. Better rate of Interests – With DBS bank account, you can get a better rate of Interest on your savings as well as on Fixed deposit amount.

Documents required to open Digibank online account

A minimal document requirement needs to be fulfilled to open the digibank account. These documents are simple, and everyone can arrange them.

  1. PAN card – every bank account needs a pan card.
  2. Aadhar Card Number or Virtual Aadhar Number- For biometric verification and identity verification. (KYC verification)
  3. Nominee details – Nominee Name and date of Birth only (No document required as proof)
  4. Father Name, Mother Name and Date of Birth – Mandatory for KYC. (No document required)

Things to know before applying for DBS bank account online

  1. Use the same mobile number for creating DBS account which is given in the Addhar database. This will ensure smooth processing.
  2. You will get OTP for Aadhar verification. Please make the phone number available with you while digibank account online.
  3. You will receive your Paywave Debit card on your mentioned address. So make sure to enter the address correctly.

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How to open Digibank account online – Step by step guide

Follow these simple steps to open the digibank account for free

Step1: Download and install the Digi Bank Mobile App on your smartphone.

Download DigiBank App

Step2: Now, open the app and click on Open Digisaving account.

Step3: Enter Your complete postal address with a correct PIN code.

dbs account online

Step4: On the popup screen, confirm your PIN code.

Step5: On the next screen, enter the Adhar number and tap on Confirm button.

dbs account online

Step6: If you want to avail DBT benefit ( Gas subsidy) in this account, then click Link this account otherwise choose NO.

Step7: Now, on the next screen, Enter your PAN number and tap on Next button.

dbs account online

Step8: Select your occupation from the next screen.

Step9: enter your father name, Mother name and your date of birth as a part of KYC requirement.

Step10: Now, Enter the nominee name and date of birth and address.

Step11: You can now read the term and conditions and tap on Accept button to agree.

Step12: You can now complete the KYC using Aadhar OTP method, or In-person verification or Visiting nearby DBS KYC centre. Prefer to verify using Aadhar OTP as it is simple.

dbs account online

You have now successfully applied for the Digibank account online. You digibank debit card will now receive to your address.

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In this guide, I have explained how to open digibank account online. You can quickly get this free account within 10 minutes. If you have any queries regarding DNS account opening, please comment below in comment section.

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