Andhra bank balance check

Get Andhra bank balance check online within 1 minute

Andhra bank provides online facility to its customers for many banking services. Since the Digital India Campaign, checking account balance is now easier than ever. If you have Andhra Bank account, then this guide will be helpful for you. In this article, I have explained, how to get Andhra bank balance check online on mobile and Computer.

How to check Andhra Bank balance check online

There is a total of four ways to check Andhra bank account balance online and also offline. You can use any of the methods to check your bank account balance within a minute.

  1. Through Missed Call
  2. Via Internet Banking
  3. Through Mobile App
  4. Using the UPI App
  5. Using *99# Service

We will now see all the methods one by one in detail.

Method 1 – How to check Andra Bank account balance using Missed Call

This method is the simplest in all the methods. You have to call a certain number to get your balance.

1. Get your registered mobile number in the bank and dial the following number.

Andhra bank balance enquiry number: 18004251515

2. Wait for the call get disconnected automatically.

3. After some time you will get SMS on your phone.

4. Open the SMS and you will get your account balance mentioned in the SMS.

Method 2 – How to check Andhra ban account balance online using Internet Banking

1. Open the Andhra NEt Banking website home page on your phone/computer.

2. Log in with your User Id and Password and click on Login.

Andhra account balance check

3. After successful login, click on Accounts option from the main menu.

Andhra bank balance check


4. From the new window, you can see all your accounts with balance displayed next to account details.

Andhra account balance check

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Method 3 – Andhra Bank account balance check using Mobile Banking App

Using Mobile banking app you check account balance of your Andhra bank and many other services like money transfer, Mini statement, Recharge, etc.

1. First of all, download the Andhra bank Mobile Banking App – AB TEJ on your phone.

2. Now, open the register for first-time users. To register,  Verify your SIM card number, debit card details and create Login passcode.

Get Andhra bank balance check online within 1 minute 1

3. After successful registration, log in to AB TEJ app.

4. On the main screen, you can see the account balance.

Method 4 – Andhra bank balance check online using BHIM UPI APP

This is also a quick way to check the account balance of your Andhra bank.

1. Open any UPI app like PhonePe, GooglePay, PayTM, SBI PAY, etc.

2. Now, register on the app if you are using it for the first time. Use the bank registered mobile number, debit card details to register on UPI app. To get a detailed guide on UPI App registration, check this guide on How to register on UPI app.

3. Now, from the app, tap on Check balance option.

4. Enter your UPI PIN and tap OK to continue.

5. You can now see the account balance on the screen.

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Method 5 – How to get Andhra bank account balance check offline using *99# feature

This method is best when you dont have an internet connection. You can also transfer the money using this feature.

1. To use this feature you need to register first. Read this guide on how to register for the *99# feature to check account balance.

2. After successful registration dial *99# from your dialer and wait for USSD reply.

3. Now, select the option “Check Balance” from the main menu.

*99# service

4. Now, enter your UPI PIN and tap on OK.

5. You can now see your Andhra bank account on your phone without an internet connection.

How to check bank account balance and transfer money without internet on mobile


In this article, we have explained Andhra bank balance check using five easy methods. Hope this guide helped you and you can now check your account balance from your phone without going to bank or ATM. If you have any doubt about this guide, then please feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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*99# NUUP Service: How to check bank account balance without internet on mobile


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