mini statement of state bank of India

How to get mini statement of state bank of India On your Phone? [Online and Offline Method]

SBI provides many online services to its customers. Customers are also happy to have online services offered by the bank. Such offers save your time of actually going to the bank and stand in a queue. One such service is Mini statement of your account. There are many ways you can see or download mini statement of state bank of India on your phone. In this guide, I have explained how you can get a mini statement of state bank of India in detail and step by step manner.

Get a mini statement of state bank of India

There are various ways to get past transaction history of your account. Following are the methods through which you can do this job quickly.

  • A. Online Methods – 
    1. SBI anywhere app
    2. SBIYono App
    3. Via Net Banking
  • B. Without the Internet Method –
    1. Missed call
    2. by sending SMS
    3. *99# Service
  • C. Offline Method –
    1. ATM
    2. Via Passbook Printing

We will see each method in detail –

1) [Online] Get SBI mini statement using SBI anywhere App

    1. Download and install SBI anywhere App (now, Yono Lite) on your phone.
    2. Follow this guide to activate SBI anywhere app using your internet banking user id and password.
    3. Once the registration process completed, login to the app and from the dashboard, click on My account section
    4. Tap on Min statement option, and you can see the last ten transactions of your account.

2) [Online] Get a mini statement from SBI Yono App

    1. Download and install the SBI Yono app.
    2. Follow the instructions to register in the app
    3. Now, login to the app and tap on Account section from the home screen.
    4. Tap on your desired account number to see the mini statement of your account.

3) [Online] Get SBI mini statement using Internet banking

  1. Open SBI online webpage on your Phone and login with user id and password.
  2. From the main page of your account, click on “Click here for last ten transactions” option to get mini statement
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4) [Without Internet] How to get SBI mini statement by giving a Missed call

  1. Open dialer app from your phone. ( Your mobile number should be registered with sbi bank)
  2. Now, dial this number and make the call – 9223866666
  3. Wait for the call to disconnect automatically.
  4. After some time you will receive SMS on your phone with a mini statement of your account.

5) [Without Internet] SBI mini statement by sending SMS

  1. Open SMS application on your phone (
  2. type this message and send on 09223488888, ‘REG'<space>’Account Number’.
  3. Once your mobile number gets registered, you can now send SMS for a mini statement of your account any time.
  4. Type – MSTM and send it on 09223866666 to get last five transaction details.
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6) [Without Internet] Get last five transaction details by *99# Service

  1. Register for *99# service by following this guide –NUUP service registration.
  2. Once the registration is completed, dial *99# and wait for the reply.
  3. Now, from the main menu, select mini statement to view the last five transactions of your account.

7) [Offline] check Mini statement by going to nearby ATM

  1. Go to any SBI ATM near you and insert the atm card in the slot.
  2. Now, enter your PIN and then select mini statement option.
  3. You can Print the mini statement if you want.

8) [Offline] Check mini statement by Printing Passbook through the passbook printing machine

  1. This is the oldest and reliable method to get all transactions history of your account.
  2. Just go to a nearby bank and insert your passbook in the passbook printing machine.
  3. Your remaining transaction entries will be printed.
  4. If your nearby SBI bank doesn’t have Passbook printing machine, then go to counter and give the passbook to print your mini statement of state bank of India.
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To get a mini statement of state bank of India, you can follow the above guidelines and easily get your mini statement by various methods. There are eight methods explained in details to get SBI mini statement online, offline and from the phone without internet.

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