how to change address in SBI account

How to change address in SBI account [In 10 minutes]

SBI is the most trusted bank in India. Majority of common peoples likes us prefer SBI bank for ease of accessibility, availability of branches, ATM’s and many online services. If you have an SBI account, then his guide might be helpful for you (currently or in future). The guide explains how to change address in SBI account in details.

For some reasons, when we move to a new home the address recorded in a bank needs to be changed. With no updated address, the bank cannot contact you for any banking related documents, and you may miss the services offered by the bank.

The recent rule of New Chip-based ATM card also needed to be sent on the address, but many SBI customers didn’t get their new ATM card because the address is not updated in bank records. This guide is about how to change address in SBI account in simple steps.

Documents required to change address in SBi account

There are simple KYC documents required to do this work. Here is the list of accepted documents –

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Ration Card
  • NREGA card
  • LIC policy – mentioning your current address.
  • Election Card

Take a photocopy of a document and sign on it. The document must have the new address mentioned. Otherwise, the bank cannot verify your current address.

How to change Address in SBI account

Follow this Simple steps to change address in SBI account –

Step1: At first you need to visit your SBI branch.

Step2: after visiting, ask for Address change form from help desk counter.

Step3: Now, fill the form with your account number, old address and new address. Check the filled information is correct.

Step4: Sign the form with your signature present in SBi account. Also, don’t forget to mention the date.

Step5: Now attach the photocopy of a document which mentions your new address and sign on it. Check the accepted documents list in the above section.

Step6: Submit the document to the corresponding executive.

Step7: the executive will ask you for the original document that you have attached and verify its address.

Step8: executive then updates your new address in Bank database.

Step9: After a few minutes you will get SMS over your registered mobile number stating, “your address is changed as per your request.”

How to change address in SBI account

This is how you can easily change address in SBI account.

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How to check new address is updated in SBI account

You can check your new updated address through SBI internet banking –

How to change address in SBI account

  1. Log in to your account using internet banking user id and password.
  2. Go to the account statement and select the account number.
  3. Now select the statement period and click on proceed.
  4. On the next screen, you can see your account details with newly updated Address.


In this guide of how to change address in SBI account helps you to stay updated with your KYC in sbi ban. You can do this work by simply fillling up the sbi address change form and submitting it to the bank with the required acepted document.

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