How to solve BHIM App UPI registration failed issue

How to solve BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is a new feature of banking and has become popular in India. Under the Digital India Campaign, the UPI payments method is mostly used online service in banking. BHIM app is the first app based on this UPI payments. If you are using BHIM App and facing an issue with the registration process, then this guide is for you. In this article, I have explained how to solve BHIM UPI registration failed issue.

How to solve the issue of “UPI registration failed” in BHIM App

This issue may occur due to various reasons. We will see each possible reason and way to fix that issue.

Solution 1 – Check The SIM is inserted in SIM Slot 1

Many phones have dual SIM tray, and many users take advantage of this feature. Most of the time we make the SMS sending option to SIM 1 only, and if you insert your Bank registered Mobile number in SIM slot2, then BHIM app may not be able to send the message from SIM2.

solve upi registration failed issue

Due to this problem, UPI registration cannot be completed, and you may get the error “UPI registration failed”.

To solve the issue insert the SIM in SIM Slot1 always.

Solution 2 – solve UPI registration failed issue by Checking your SIM Balance

How to solve BHIM App UPI registration failed issue

UPI registration is done via SMS and requires a balance to send the SMS. If you dont have balance in your bank registered mobile number, then verification cannot be completed.

To solve, this issue recharges your number with available topup or SMS pack.

Solution 3 – Check your mobile number is in Network range

If you are using the Wifi connection to download the app, but your Mobile dont have network coverage then SMS sending will get failed. Due to this issue, your registration of UPI can get failed.

To solve the issue, you can move to the area network coverage is good and then try again to register.

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Solution 4 – Check if your number is registered in the Bank

Your mobile number might not be registered in the bank. Due to this UPI app is not able to recognise your identity and the UPI registration process gets failed.

To solve this issue, you need to register a mobile number in the Bank. Visit your bank branch and fill up the form to link your mobile number with Bank account.

Solution 5 – Keep only one SIM in your phone

sometimes UPI App (BHIM App) may not be able to detect the correct SIM from your available two SIM cards. Due to this, the “UPI registration failed” issue may get arrises.

To solve this issue, just remove the other SIM from the phone and keep your bank registered mobile number in SIM slot1.

Solution 6 – Try after some time as Servers might be busy

UPI service is the fastest growing feature and facing blackout many times. The issue of “UPI registration failed” may occur due to such server overburden.

You may wait for some time and then try again to register for BHIM UPI.

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The error “UPI registration failed”in the BHIM UPI may occur due to various problems. From this post you already got the possible problems and solution to fix this issue.

If you are still facing UPI registration failed issue, you can write your questions, queries in the comment section below.

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