get CRN number of Kotak bank

[Solved] How to get CRN number of Kotak bank

Kotak bank is one of the leading banks in India. The bank offers many online services for their customers through the website and mobile apps. One such feature is internet banking and mobile banking. To log in to Kotak bank internet banking, you need to have CRN of your account. In this post I have explained, what is CRN number and how to get CRN number of Kotak Bank account.

What is CRN number? What is the use of CRN?

full form of CRN is Customer Reference Number. this unique number is assigned to every Kotak bank account holder. CRN is used to identify customers and their data and any Kotak Branch.

Also, CRN is required to log in to Kotak net banking and Kotak 811 online account.

How to get CRN number of Kotak Bank?

If you forgot CRN number then you can get it back. Now you know that CRN is required for Kotak online banking, you will need this number for first time login to your Kotak mobile app or every time for login into Kotak net banking

There are 3 ways to get CRN number. We will each method one by one to get this number for your Kotak account.

Method1: Get CRN printed on Debit card

If you have a debit card for your Kotak account, then its very easy to get CRN. Just get your debit card and see the number printed below your Name. That’s it, this is your CRN.

get CRN number of Kotak bank
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However, if you have a Kotak 811 account and only have a virtual card, then you have to get the number via other methods. Let’s check those methods.

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Method 2 – How to get CRN by sending SMS

You can get CRN by sending SMS from your registered mobile number in Kotak bank.

Step1: Get your registered mobile number and open message app from the launcher.

Step2: Now type following text and send it on below number

Type – CRN and send it on 9971056767

Step3: Afer a few moments, you will get a reply with your CRN.

get CRN number of Kotak bank

You can use this number to login kotak 811 account.

Method 3 – Get your CRN via an online portal.

Note that this method is only for ING Vysya migrated accounts.

Step1: Open this website on your phone/computer –

Step2: Scroll little down and then enter your old Customer ID or existing CRN.

get CRN number of Kotak bank

Step3: enter CAPTCHA code and then click on SUBMIT button to get your new CRN.

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CRN is a unique number assigned to every Kotak bank customer. If you forgot CRN, then you can get it by easy three methods. All the methods are explained here in this article in a good manner so that you can recover it fastly.

If you have any doubt/question about “Forgot CRN and how to get CRN number of Kotak bank” then please comment below in comment section.

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